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Theme version: 1.0.3 — 12 October 2022 Documentation

Back Up Your Current Theme First

Please backup your current theme before updating to a new version.

  • Log in to your Ghost admin
  • Go to Settings > Design > Change theme > Advanced
  • Download your active theme

Theme Updating

If you made no changes to your current theme files, download the latest theme version and upload it to your website—no need to worry about updating the files in the following steps.

First, download the new theme version from the theme update email. If you lost the email or the download link, click here for more details.

To update your current theme, copy and replace the Changed Files below from the new theme version to your theme.

In case of any listed Deleted Files, safely remove the files from your theme.

If any New Files are listed, copy the files to your theme with the same file path.

Copying a file from the new version to your theme will override your file.

Redo your customizations only if that file receives an update.

If you did CSS customizations in Code Injection, there is no need to worry about these unless I mention any CSS changes.

Once finished, zip your theme files, and upload the final zip file to your Ghost website.

Watch the following short video for a quick tutorial.

I recommend updating your theme to the latest version to avoid future Ghost compatibility and API depreciation issues. Also, it will be easier to update to future theme updates.

If you missed updating a version, for example, your current theme is 1.0.0, and the latest one is 1.0.2, does it mean you need the middle 1.0.1 version to update your current version? No. Instead, use the newest version (1.0.2) as a base for the 1.0.1 changelog. The most recent version has the latest updated files. So, go through the 1.0.1 changelog, and apply the file changes from 1.0.2.


In case you encounter any issues while updating the theme, do/double-check the following:

  • Deactivate and activate the theme again
  • Upload the new/fresh theme version to see if the problem is from your theme or the latest version
  • Restart Ghost
  • Make sure you upload the routes.yaml file if received an update in the new theme version
  • Make sure you updated all the mentioned files in the changelog below

VERSION - 1.0.3: Release on 12 Oct 2022

Please make sure you have the latest version of Ghost before upgrading. This is required for the comments and search to work.

  1. Added Ghost Native Comments (docs).
  2. Added Ghost Native Search (docs).
  3. Dropdown menu support (docs).
  4. Ability to hide the footer subscribe form from the admin (docs).
  5. The tags on the Post page header are now clickabble.
  6. General improvements

Changed files






(Copy all the `/locales/` folder and override your current theme one.)


(Copy all the `/sass/` folder and override your current theme one.


(Copy all the `/partials/comments/` folder inside your /partials/ folder.)

New files


VERSION - 1.0.2: Release on 24 May 2022


  1. Ghost 5.0 support


  1. Updated Ghost Deploy Action version


  1. Twitter embeded card alignment in small screens

Changed Files






(Copy all the `/locales/` folder and override your current theme one.)

The .github/workflows/deploy-theme.yml file is for the GitHub Deploy Action. It is part of the theme, but since the folder starts with a dot ( .github ) it might be hidden on your computer. No worries if you are not using GitHub for theme deployment.)

VERSION - 1.0.1: Release on 03 Feb 2022


  1. Content link underline not showing properly in small screens
  2. Paragraph spacing for content paragraphs


  1. Footer subscribe form alert styles
  2. Content quotation mark styles

Thanks Dave!

Changed Files




VERSION - 1.0.0: Release on 21 Jan 2022

Initial Release

Have any questions? Contact Ahmad