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Ghost theme for creatives to show the world what they can do. Show our work portfolio and list your services with a minimalist design.

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  • Current Version 1.0.3 — 12 October 2022
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Beirut Showcase

Create a website to showcase your work portfolio and list your services with a minimalist design. Beirut is designed for creatives to display their abilities to the world.

Now, let me show you what Beirut can offer you.

The Grand Entry

The home page in Beirut makes a powerful overview of your experience, skills, and values.

Start with a killer introduction of who you are. Then, showcase your most recent or popular masterpieces to hook visitors in.

Beirut Homepage
Preview Homepage

There is also a designated space outlining your services and skills.

Beirut Homepage Services Section

And let’s not forget the reviews and client testimonials sections, all available within Beirut itself.

Beirut Homepage Testimonials Section

❦ See how Katy Cowan uses Beirut for her new website. Lovely! Katy’s website is exactly what Beirut is made for. She uses all the theme elements, the introduction, work, services, clients logos, and testimonials. All themes elements combined to make a perfect portfolio website.

Katy Cowan Website

Let the World See your Creative Masterpieces

Beirut is made for portfolios, so you can proudly frame your best works on a separate Works page.

Visitors will be intrigued to click into each project for more information, where they will find a shiny layout of photographs and text descriptions.

Beirut Work Page
Preview Work Page

Images, not your specialty? No problem.

Beirut is designed to work well even without images. Type ahead and watch Beirut flow according to your text-rich website.

Beirut Ghost Theme Work With No Images
Preview Demo Without Work Images

Penny For Your Thoughts

Beirut has a page for blog posts, so you can continue updating visitors with your latest developments and exciting thoughts.

Beirut Writing Page
Preview Writing Page

Dave Edwards’ website is a perfect example of using Beirut only as a blog.

Dave Edwards Website

About You

Your about page is your chance to introduce yourself more, so your story will shine with this custom-designed layout.

Beirut Writing Page
Preview About Page

Paint your website a Hue of you

Colors play a huge part in the entire brand of your website.

Beirut has everything from light, earthy tones to deeper, darker moods. Pick from nine readily available color schemes, or add your flavor.

I designed and engineered Beirut for your convenience. From your website admin, you will change all the colors. No code is required.

Check out Beirut’s color schemes below.

Accessible From Any Device

Beirut adjusts to phone, tablet, and desktop screens of any size.

Beirut Ghost Theme Responsive Layout on iPhone and iPad

Make Your Website Available for All

Accessibility is essential, and I take this matter seriously. I designed Beirut with all individuals in mind.

The contrast in color schemes, the heading structure, and ARIA Attributes all meet inclusion and accessibility guidelines.

Beirut Ghost Theme Accessibility
Beirut’s test run results by the WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool. Approved!
Beirut Ghost Theme Accessibility Skip to content
Beirut has enhanced accessibility for site navigation with a keyboard or a screen-reader. When a visitor is using a keyboard to navigate the website, the Skip to content link will bring you directly to the main content area.
Beirut Ghost Theme Accessibility Focus
Beirut adds a focus style around links to help keyboard-only visitors know exactly where they are on your website.

Pictures that Paint a Thousand Words

Photographs can do wonders to reel your prospects in. It’s the easiest way to visually communicate a message to your audience – that they can trust you.

In the Beirut Ghost theme, photos on your website are displayed in a lightbox gallery, so your visitors can stay on your page while browsing your images in a popup.

Beirut Ghost Theme Gallery

Speaks your language

Translation support for ten different languages.

Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Finnish, Dutch, Turkish, and Danish.

Beirut Ghost Theme Translation

Deploy with GitHub

Integrated with the Deploy Ghost Theme GitHub Action for easy theme deployment.

Beirut — create your portfolio website with ghost Ghost CMS Theme GitHub Actions

Where Does the Name Beirut Come From?

I visited Beirut in 2021 for two weeks during my four-month backpacking trip in the Middle East and Africa, and it was one of the best places I saw on that trip. The people, the hype, the food, and the streets make you not want to leave.

Beirut Town Images

Someday, I will return, and I hope you’ll visit Beirut and enjoy it as much as I did.

Ghost 5.0+

Create a beautiful and functional site quickly with this theme. It supports Ghost editor cards and delivers stunning design.

Membership support

Add membership and subscription to your website for ultimate monetization. The theme comes with Ghost Membership and Subscription features.

Responsive design

You’ll get a fully responsive site. The theme adjusts to any phone, tablet, or desktop screen size.

Free updates

I add new Ghost features to your theme as updates. These improvements come to you at no extra cost. Zero stress and worry about lagging behind others.

Free support

Whenever you have any questions or face sudden issues with your theme, please reach out on the contact page.

Translation ready

The theme supports German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Finnish, Dutch, Turkish, and Danish.


Quick and easy theme configuration. You’ll receive detailed documentation allowing you to install your new theme without hassle.


I built the theme using the latest tools and technologies like ITCSS, Sass, NPM, Gulp, and Bower.

Easy to deploy

It is integrated with Deploy Ghost Theme GitHub Action to automatically build and deploy to your Ghost website.

Questions? Answers.

What browsers do your Ghost themes support?

All Ghost themes work in the latest stable releases of major browsers, including Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Edge.

What is the scope of your support?

Your theme support service covers general questions about theme functionality and helps with feature configuration and removing bugs or issues.

What is not included in your support?

Your theme support service does not cover theme customizations or help to fix Ghost setup issues.

How fast do you respond to support inquiries?

I will get back to you at the earliest opportunity within one business day. My working time is Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (GMT+02).

What if I need help with a Ghost issue?

Ghost issues and questions can be best addressed by contacting Ghost Support ↗ directly or using the Ghost Forum.

What is the period of your support?

All Ghost themes come with six months of support included with the theme price. You can extend it to 12 months with an extra fee while purchasing.

What happens after the support period ends? Will I still be able to use the theme?

Yes. And you will always receive theme updates. But to get the included benefits of theme support, you need to renew and extend your license.*

How can I renew my support?

You can renew your support for six months ($29) or twelve ($49).

Can I try a theme before I purchase it?

No. However, you can purchase a theme and have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee if it doesn't work out for you.

What is your refund policy?

Happy customers are my priority. All themes have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, No Questions Asked. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you won’t be out of pocket if the product doesn’t meet your expectations.

Can I use a single theme license on more than one website?

No. You need to purchase a separate theme license for each new website. Read more about the license. Instead, you can purchase the Themes Bundle license.

How can I reach you?

You can reach out to me by filling out the form on the contact page.

What does ‘free updates’ mean?

You will receive free updates for any theme issue fixes, improvements, new features, and compatibility upgrades for the Ghost CMS.

How often do you update your Ghost themes?

Updates frequency depends on a particular theme. I always ensure that all these themes are compatible with the latest version of the Ghost CMS.

How do I know when a new update is available?

You will promptly receive an email when an update goes live. The email contains a download link to the latest version.

I lost the theme download link. How can I find it?

If you purchased the theme from Gumroad, Gumroad has a library page in case you have created an account with them. Instead, a download link will be in the purchase receipt email and the update email. If that does not exist, please send me the email address used to purchase the theme, and I will resend it. If you bought the theme from ThemeForest, you could download it from your account Downloads page.

How do I apply the new theme update to my current theme?

You'll get a list of the new, modified, or deleted files to update your current theme — view Changelogs.

Can I modify and customize the themes?

Yes, you are free to customize any theme as much as you like.

Do I need to know how to code to use your theme?

No coding required to install the theme. Coding is only needed if you want to customize/extend the theme beyond the current features. Some features need some configurations, and everything is explained in the online documentation. Also, there a video about editing the theme files with some tips and the tools to use.

Are you available for theme customizations?

I'm not available for paid custom work or theme customizations.

Can I change the fonts?

Yes, you can change the theme fonts. If you are using Google Fonts, I have a blog post about it.

Are SCSS files included for theme modifications?

Yes, the theme includes the full SCSS files, as well as the gulpfile.js file. You will have the complete files ready for development.

Do the Ghost themes come with the raw HTML files?

No. The themes use Handlebars as the default Ghost template language.

Which Ghost Pro plan will I need to support your themes?

If you use Ghost Pro, you must be on the Creator plan. The Starter plan will not allow you to use custom or premium themes.
Our Starter plan comes with a selection of official Ghost themes. If you want to build and use a custom or premium theme, this can be done on any of our higher plans. Ghost Pro Pricing

Have any questions? Contact Ahmad

What my customers say

Leslie Camacho Photo

Leslie Camacho


If you happen to be looking for Ghost CMS themes, check out @aspirethemes I use one of their themes for Glimmering and love their work. Excellent design, code, and support.

Iain Broome Photo

Iain Broome


My new website/newsletter is in @Ghost using the excellent Ubud theme from @aspirethemes. Had some very generous support from them too as I wanted to do a little tweaking. 🙌

Dr Fox, Wizard Photo

Dr Fox, Wizard


It’s been a genuine delight to use @aspirethemes as the starting point for my adventures with @Ghost – @ahmadajmi has done an incredible job of creating a flexible yet robust site replete with incredible documentation. Highly recommend 🧡

Menka Sanghvi Photo

Menka Sanghvi


Thanks for sharing my newsletter, Ahmad! I'm really enjoying the simplicity and beauty of using your theme with Ghost.

Bruce Maples Photo

Bruce Maples


I have used two different Aspire themes since I moved to Ghost. I have found the themes to be well designed, well built, and technically solid. They have features I have not found in other themes I have looked at. Even better, Ahmad Ajmi, the author of the themes, is both professional and responsive — a rare combination in the theme world. I recommend Aspire Themes and their author to anyone looking to either get started with Ghost, or take their Ghost site to the next level.

Jason Shen Photo

Jason Shen


If you’re admiring the theme, it’s Ubud powered by @aspirethemes.

Tom Bell Photo

Tom Bell


I can honestly say I've been hugely impressed with @Ghost and the themes from @aspirethemes are beautifully simple. Thank you!

Elizabeth Butler Photo

Elizabeth Butler


Thank you for making a great product! 😊 Ubud has been a great theme to work with. Your fantastic documentation makes things so easy to customize! ⚡ Highly recommend @aspirethemes for anyone building with @ghost.

Marco Zehe Photo

Marco Zehe


I just bought the whole theme bundle from Ahmad this morning. That includes that theme. I am currently redoing my German blog using the Nubia theme and love it.

Isabelle Roughol Photo

Isabelle Roughol


This is why I love the @Ghost community. I struggled to build a fadeout so a nice guy in the forum helped me. Then theme designer @ahmadajmi joined in. Next he releases it to all users with a (unnecessary but lovely) shoutout. This is what the Internet used to feel like.

Caro Griffin Photo

Caro Griffin


Aw, thanks! 🥰 Ubud is my favorite theme ever. It's so lovely and easy to customize.

Bill Fox Photo

Bill Fox


Thank you for featuring my site! Your themes are superbly designed and a joy to work with. Thank you for your great work!

Jonas Achouri Photo

Jonas Achouri


Excellent support from the team behind the Aspire themes, if you decide to give it a try @ahmadajmi 🌟

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