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Ghost Admin Right to Left (RTL) Support

Today, I want to share with you how to add Right to Left (RTL) support to the Ghost admin with CSS and the help of a Google Chrome extension. Adding RTL support is helpful if you are writing in a language like Arabic or Hebrew, for example.

The first step is to install the CSS and Javascript Injection Chrome extension. This extension aims to enable us to add custom CSS code to work on the Ghost admin.

After installing the extension, click on the extension icon and copy the style.css code and paste it into the CSS window.

RTL for Ghost Blog Admin Extention

The Admin

Ghost Admin Right to Left

The Editor

Ghost Editor Right to Left


Ghost Posts Right to Left


Ghost Staff Right to Left


Ghost Tags Right to Left


Ghost Design Right to Left

Code Injection

Ghost Code Injection Right to Left

I reviewed all the admin screens and provided a fix for buttons and border-radius corners. I also commented on every component or admin section. You can find the code at GitHub, and you are welcome to contribute with any fixes and improvements.

I have not updated it with Ghost 5.0. Feel free to contribute and help fix any issues if countered.

That’s it for today, and I hope you find this helpful.

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