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Moshi is a new Ghost theme for newsletter websites. It is designed to be mobile-friendly and easy to use, with a focus on readability and engagement homepage.

Moshi is highly customizable, so you can change the colors, fonts, section order, and other elements of your homepage to match your brand, all from the Ghost admin. No code is required.

Moshi Ghost Theme demo homepage

Use the pre-made theme elements provided to create a stunning, engaging, and attractive homepage. The theme elements include:

✧ Customizable signup section

A section where visitors can sign up to your newsletter. You can customize the text, colors, and fonts to make it look and feel the way you want.

Moshi Ghost Theme signup section
Moshi Ghost Theme signup section
Moshi Ghost Theme signup section
Moshi Ghost Theme signup section

✧ Logos section

A section where you can add logos from reputable sources, such as media outlets, organizations, or businesses. This shows that your newsletter is trusted and respected.

Moshi Ghost Theme Logos section

✧ Text-rich section

A section where you can describe your newsletter and what it’s about. You can use this section to tell your story, share your mission, or introduce your team.

Moshi Ghost Theme Text-rich section

Not only can you insert text, but you can also add different types of content, such as images, videos, galleries, and toggles, and they will all look beautiful.

Moshi Ghost Theme Text-rich section with image

✧ Testimonials section

A section where you can add testimonials from real people who have subscribed to your newsletter and enjoyed it. This gets social proof for your newsletter.

Moshi Ghost Theme Testimonials section

✧ Stats section

A section where you can show how popular your newsletter is. You can add stats, such as the number of subscribers, the number of views, or the number of shares.

Moshi Ghost Theme Stats section
Note: The numbers in this screenshot are not dynamic and are not limited to those shown above. You can add any content from the admin.

✧ Section for your most recent posts

A section where you can showcase your latest content. You can add a few of your most recent posts to this section to give people a taste of what you’re all about.

Moshi Ghost Theme most recent posts section

It is a great option for anyone looking to create a beautiful and effective newsletter website and take control of the homepage design.

Other things Moshi can bring to your website:

  • Reading time
  • Support all Ghost editor cards
  • Custom settings for LinkedIn and YouTube links
  • Integrate with GitHub Actions for theme deployment
  • Include sharing icons for Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Translation support for ten different languages
    • Dutch 🇳🇱
    • Arabic 🇸🇦
    • German 🇩🇪
    • Danish 🇩🇰
    • French 🇫🇷
    • Spanish 🇪🇸
    • Italian 🇮🇹
    • Finnish 🇫🇮
    • Turkish 🇹🇷
    • Portuguese 🇵🇹
  • Ghost 5.0
  • Ghost Custom Settings
  • Ghost Native Search
  • Ghost Native Comments
  • Ghost Native Landing Pages
  • Current Version 1.0.0 — 13 September 2023

One-time Purchase

Free Support & Updates

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you're unhappy, get a full refund, no questions!

Use TODAY code for 20% discount


● Full documentation will be available within the downloaded package.

● The demo shows you what you can do with Moshi. The demo data won't show up once you install the theme.

● After installing the theme, you will notice that the homepage is empty. This is intentional. Moshi is designed differently from other themes, allowing you to customize the homepage by adding sections from the available blocks. This provides you with greater flexibility to choose the sections and content you desire. For detailed instructions, refer to the documentation, which contains all the information you need.

Ghost 5.0+

Create a beautiful and functional site quickly with this theme. It supports Ghost editor cards and delivers stunning design.

Membership support

Add membership and subscription to your website for ultimate monetization. The theme comes with Ghost Membership and Subscription features.

Responsive design

You’ll get a fully responsive site. The theme adjusts to any phone, tablet, or desktop screen size.

Free updates

I add new Ghost features to your theme as updates. These improvements come to you at no extra cost. Zero stress and worry about lagging behind others.

Free support

Whenever you have any questions or face sudden issues with your theme, please reach out on the contact page.

Translation ready

The theme supports German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Finnish, Dutch, Turkish, and Danish.


Quick and easy theme configuration. You’ll receive detailed documentation allowing you to install your new theme without hassle.


I built the theme using the latest tools and technologies like ITCSS, Sass, NPM, Gulp, and Bower.

Easy to deploy

It is integrated with Deploy Ghost Theme GitHub Action to automatically build and deploy to your Ghost website.

Questions? Answers.

Have any questions? Contact Ahmad

What my customers say

Leslie Camacho Photo

Leslie Camacho


If you happen to be looking for Ghost CMS themes, check out @aspirethemes I use one of their themes for Glimmering and love their work. Excellent design, code, and support.

Iain Broome Photo

Iain Broome


My new website/newsletter is in @Ghost using the excellent Ubud theme from @aspirethemes. Had some very generous support from them too as I wanted to do a little tweaking. 🙌

Dr Fox, Wizard Photo

Dr Fox, Wizard


It’s been a genuine delight to use @aspirethemes as the starting point for my adventures with @Ghost – @ahmadajmi has done an incredible job of creating a flexible yet robust site replete with incredible documentation. Highly recommend 🧡

Menka Sanghvi Photo

Menka Sanghvi


Thanks for sharing my newsletter, Ahmad! I'm really enjoying the simplicity and beauty of using your theme with Ghost.

Bruce Maples Photo

Bruce Maples


I have used two different Aspire themes since I moved to Ghost. I have found the themes to be well designed, well built, and technically solid. They have features I have not found in other themes I have looked at. Even better, Ahmad Ajmi, the author of the themes, is both professional and responsive — a rare combination in the theme world. I recommend Aspire Themes and their author to anyone looking to either get started with Ghost, or take their Ghost site to the next level.

Jason Shen Photo

Jason Shen


If you’re admiring the theme, it’s Ubud powered by @aspirethemes.

Tom Bell Photo

Tom Bell


I can honestly say I've been hugely impressed with @Ghost and the themes from @aspirethemes are beautifully simple. Thank you!

Elizabeth Butler Photo

Elizabeth Butler


Thank you for making a great product! 😊 Ubud has been a great theme to work with. Your fantastic documentation makes things so easy to customize! ⚡ Highly recommend @aspirethemes for anyone building with @ghost.

Marco Zehe Photo

Marco Zehe


I just bought the whole theme bundle from Ahmad this morning. That includes that theme. I am currently redoing my German blog using the Nubia theme and love it.

Isabelle Roughol Photo

Isabelle Roughol


This is why I love the @Ghost community. I struggled to build a fadeout so a nice guy in the forum helped me. Then theme designer @ahmadajmi joined in. Next he releases it to all users with a (unnecessary but lovely) shoutout. This is what the Internet used to feel like.

Caro Griffin Photo

Caro Griffin


Aw, thanks! 🥰 Ubud is my favorite theme ever. It's so lovely and easy to customize.

Bill Fox Photo

Bill Fox


Thank you for featuring my site! Your themes are superbly designed and a joy to work with. Thank you for your great work!

Jonas Achouri Photo

Jonas Achouri


Excellent support from the team behind the Aspire themes, if you decide to give it a try @ahmadajmi 🌟

Use TODAY code for 20% discount