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Aspire Themes Newsletter — 3

This is issue number #3 of Aspire Themes.

I’m sharing some news about Ghost’s recent website redesign, Open Subscription Platforms, new Zapier integrations, content snippets, and a post about pricing your newsletter.

Ghost Website Redesign

Congrats to the Ghost team for the Ghost website redesign; it is lovely. The new headline Turn your audience into a business describes what Ghost can do for a website using the subscription and membership feature, not just a simple blog.

Ghost Homepage
Ghost Homepage

The documentation and guides also received a new redesign. It is cleaner, organized into different visible, and easy to scan sections.

Ghost Documentations and Guides
Ghost Documentations and Guides

Open Subscription Platforms

New customers need to know which platform to use from the start. They need to see if they will own their data or the platform will do. Open Subscription Platforms is a new and great resource from Ghost to compare different subscription platforms.

Open Subscription Platforms Website Homepage

Open Subscription Platforms are the ones that will give you access to export your data, for example, your customer’s emails and your content. On the other hand, Closed Payment Platforms don’t provide access or control over your customers and payment data.

Examples of Open Platforms are Ghost, Substack, and Podia.

Examples of Closed Platforms are medium, Patreon, and Covertkit.

Ghost + Zapier Integration Updates

The Ghost Zapier app recently received a new major update.

We’ve added new actions for finding and updating both members and staff users, as well as new triggers when members are updated or deleted and when posts are scheduled.

Ghost Zapier Integration
Ghost Zapier Integration — Image Source

New examples and use cases

  • Protect your email delivery performance
  • Integrate with external payment gateways
  • Update email subscription status
  • Create a custom sign up experience
  • Automate audience segmentation with labels

Read more at Extend your publication with Zapier.

Check out the Ghost Zapier Integrations for a complete list of currently available integrations.

Content Snippets

If you find yourself writing the same content repeatedly in your posts, you will find the snippets feature super handy. You can create re-usable snippets of content to be inserted into new articles. Not just text-based content, but you can create a re-usable image, gallery, and so on.

Ghost CMS create content snippet
Create Snippet — Image Source
Ghost CMS create include snippet
Include Snippet — Image Source

Read more at Content snippets

That’s it for today, and I hope you find it helpful. Feel free to share your findings and any exciting resource.

Stay safe!



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