Ubud Theme, Behind the Scenes

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Ahmad Ajmi

Behind the scenes and early look into the Ubud theme.

Ubud Theme Demo
Ubud Theme Demo
Ubud Theme Demo

Ubud will come with more different homepage variations to choose from.

Ubud Ghost CMS Theme Homepage Styles

Ubud will come with a quick and easy way to change the website color scheme; watch my video about this exciting feature.

Some examples for a quick showcase.

Ubud Theme Color Scheme Showcase
Ubud Theme Color Scheme Showcase
Ubud Theme Color Scheme Showcase

Of course, this will apply to any homepage layout, so you can switch to a different layout without affecting your color scheme.

Another example of the color scheme feature. With a few color changes in CSS on Ghost Code Injection, you will have a completely different style.

Ubud Theme Color Scheme Showcase
Ubud Theme Color Scheme Showcase
Ubud Theme Color Scheme Showcase

Example of the CSS code variables in Code Injection.

Ubud Theme Color Scheme Showcase

Started writing the docs.

Ubud Theme Demos

I write everything in Markdown using the VS Code editor and use Jekyll for the whole Aspire Themes website.

The circle demo will come with four different sizes for the image to choose from.

Ubud Theme Demos

Theme Demos (in progress)

  1. Default Demo → ubud.aspirethemes.com
  2. Image Right Demo → ubud-right.aspirethemes.com
  3. Image Circle Demo → ubud-circle.aspirethemes.com
  4. Image Center Demo → ubud-center.aspirethemes.com
  5. Image Wide Demo → ubud-wide.aspirethemes.com
  6. Image Full Demo → ubud-full.aspirethemes.com

Ubud theme will be entirely free for those who got the Themes Bundle.

My messy notes and todo. As much as I like taking notes and using applications like Notion, I love using pen and paper.

Ubud Theme Demos
Ubud Theme Demos
Ubud Theme Demos

Where the Name Ubud Come From?

Ubud is a lovely town in Bali, Indonesia. I visited Ubud in 2019 for two weeks during my three-month backpacking trip around Southeast Asia, and it is one of the best places I saw on that trip. Someday, I hope you’ll visit Ubud and enjoy it as much as I did.

Ubud Town Images

Stay tuned for more information and updates. You can also follow on Twitter.

Latest update: 13 Jan 2020

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