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Aspire Themes Newsletter — 7

I’m sharing the new Beirut theme, the new Ghost Custom Settings, website inspirations, and recent blog posts from Aspire Themes in this newsletter issue.

Beirut Theme

I created Beirut to help creative people share their work and portfolio with the world. The concept behind Beirut is to organize your work and writing. Also, show your services, clients, and testimonials with a minimal and clean design.

Beirut Ghost Theme

❦ See how Katy Cowan uses Beirut for her new website. Lovely! Katy’s website is what Beirut is made for. She uses all the theme elements, the introduction, work, services, clients logos, and testimonials. All themes elements combined to make a perfect portfolio website.

Katy Cowan Website

❦ Also, Dave Edwards’ website is an ideal example of how you can use Beirut only to show your writing.

Dave Edwards Website

Checkout Beirut demo and learn more about in the theme page.

Ghost Custom Settings

You can add different admin settings to your theme with the new Custom Settings feature. For example, you can set a setting to change your website background color and hide or show different theme sections.

By adding these new settings, you can control your theme from the Ghost admin instead of editing the theme files every time you want to make a theme change.

Ghost Custom Settings

I wrote a blog post about adding new social media links. Also, I used the Custom Settings extensively in the new Beirut theme to set the website colors, add new social media links and show or hide different homepage sections.

AMP Updates

Google AMP is now disabled by default in Ghost 4.33.0

Ghost Websites Inspiration

  1. Ghost Websites Inspiration — 42

New Blog Posts

  1. Show List of Primary Tags in Ghost
  2. Using the Ghost Handlebars Match Helper
  3. How I load external JavaScript Libraries in a Ghost theme
  4. How to Add New Social Networks in Ghost Using Custom Settings

That’s it for today, and I hope you find it helpful.

Stay safe!


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