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Melaka Website Examples

Guideline, OliveOil, Kick Health Blog, and more people use Melaka for their Ghost website.

Make a lovely Ghost website

Make great first impressions. This Ghost theme has a new color scheme and a unique home page design.

Melaka Ghost CMS Theme Homepage

Accessible from any device

Melaka adjusts to phone, tablet, and desktop screens of any size.

Melaka Ghost CMS Theme Responsive Layout on iPhone and iPad

Love dark mode?

A dark mode is available based on the Operating System mode. Furthermore, you can choose between dark and light modes from the navigation button.

Melaka Ghost CMS Theme Dark Mode

Make money with Melaka

Melaka comes with full membership support. It’s the ultimate theme for monetizing your blog with Ghost.

Melaka Ghost CMS Theme Pricing Page

Use any of the Stripe test card numbers ↗ when subscribing to any plan.

One page to manage all account settings

Melaka is friendly to your readers, too.

Once logged in, readers will be able to access their personal Account page. There, they can view their subscription information, cancel it, and edit their billing information.

Melaka Ghost CMS Theme Account Page

Find it faster

Instantly search your posts as you type. Search organizes your results into links and photos for more visibility.

Search supports English, Russian, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Finnish, Dutch, and Danish.

Melaka Ghost CMS Theme Search

Search does not support Hebrew or Arabic. Currently, no plans for future support.

Organize posts by tag

Make your content easily accessible. Just organize it based on tags.

Melaka Ghost CMS Theme Tags Column

Homepage accessible tags

List the top blog tags based on how many posts are attached to them on the homepage. Then, you can click the Tags URL to go to the custom tags page to show all the tags.

Melaka Ghost CMS Theme Home Tags

Take blog tags to the next level

Melaka has a custom and elegant tags page to list your blog tags differently. Each tag card shows the tag photo, name, description, and the number of posts included.

Melaka Ghost CMS Theme Tags Page

Show off authors on the homepage

You can add your top 3 contributing authors to the homepage. Then, click the Authors URL for the custom authors page that shows all the authors.

Melaka Ghost CMS Theme Home Authors

Show off your blog authors

You can list all your blog authors in one place by using a custom authors page ↗.

Melaka Ghost CMS Theme Authors Page

Speaks your language

Translation support for ten different languages.

Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Finnish, Dutch, Turkish, and Danish.

Melaka Ghost CMS Theme Translation

Deploy with GitHub

Integrated with the Deploy Ghost Theme GitHub Action for easy theme deployment.

 Ghost CMS Theme GitHub Actions

Features you’ll love in Melaka:

  • Responsive videos
  • Responsive tables
  • Related posts
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Disqus, Commento & CommentBox comments
  • Lazy-loading images for optimal performance
  • Social sharing icons (Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.)
  • Public, Members, and Paid labels on the posts list for easy scanning
Buy Melaka $149

One-time Purchase

14-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you’re unhappy, get a full refund, no questions!

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Leslie Camacho Photo
Leslie Camacho

If you happen to be looking for Ghost CMS themes, check out @aspirethemes I use one of their themes for Glimmering and love their work. Excellent design, code, and support.

Ghost 4.0+.

Enjoy a beautiful, functional site in no time. The theme supports the Ghost editor cards and delivers a stunning design.

Membership support.

Add membership and subscription to your website for ultimate monetization. The theme comes with Ghost Membership and Subscription features.

Responsive design.

You’ll get a fully responsive site. The theme adjusts to phone, tablet, and desktop screens of any size imaginable.

Free updates.

New Ghost features are added to your theme as updates. These improvements come to you at no extra cost. Zero stress and worry about lagging behind others.

Free support.

Whenever you have any questions or face sudden issues with your theme, please reach out on the contact page.

Translation ready.

The theme supports German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Finnish, Dutch, Turkish, and Danish.


Quick and easy theme configuration. You’ll receive detailed documentation that allows you to install your new theme without any hassle.

Developer friendly.

I built the theme using the latest tools and technologies like ITCSS, Sass, NPM, Gulp, and Bower.

Easy to deploy.

It is integrated with Deploy Ghost Theme GitHub Action to automatically build and deploy to your Ghost website.

Marco Zehe Photo
Marco Zehe

I just bought the whole theme bundle from Ahmad this morning. I am currently redoing my German blog using the Nubia theme and love it.


Have any questions? I’m here to help 😊

Contact Ahmad
Ahmad Ajmi
Tom Bell Photo
Tom Bell

I can honestly say I've been hugely impressed with @Ghost and the themes from @aspirethemes are beautifully simple. Thank you!

Tom Bell

Cyber Security Consultant — Roke

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Ahmad Ajmi

Hi, I’m Ahmad Ajmi, the creator of Aspire Themes.

I have been doing Ghost themes since 2016. I created Aspire Themes to provide simple, well-designed, and functional Ghost themes. Read the full story.

Feel free to reach out on Twitter.