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Arabic (RTL) & Ghost

Ghost is limited to supporting Right to Left (RTL) languages, such as Arabic or Hebrew. This post provides tips and techniques for making Ghost more RTL-friendly for the Ghost admin and front-end/theme sides.

Ghost Admin Support

Previously, I wrote a post about making it RTL-friendly by flipping the admin layout direction from Left to Right (LTR) to RTL. It’s not 100% perfect, but it gets the job done. You can read it at Ghost Admin Right to Left (RTL) Support. I am considering creating a Chrome extension for this and may work on it in the future.

Theme Support

I wrote a post about making it RTL-friendly if you use the default Casper theme. You can read it at How to Add Right to Left (RTL) Support to the Ghost CMS Default Casper Theme.

The Casper theme only comes with English translation. Therefore, if required, you will need to change the theme text from the theme files.

I have some themes that come with RTL support and Arabic translation. The themes are Tripoli, Petra, Beirut, Ubud, Krabi, Penang, Hue, and Melaka.

The following are online Arabic blogs with Ubud and Krabi themes in use.

Changing the Ghost language to ar will activate the Arabic translation. In addition, you can make a small theme change to activate the RTL layout, as shown in the Ubud theme documentation. In future theme releases, I will gradually add an option to change the layout from the Ghost admin panel.

UPDATE: For the Tripoli theme, you can switch the theme layout to right/left from the admin side.


Having multiple languages on one website is not supported out of the box in Ghost. You can only have one language.


I suggest you try Ghost with the default Casper theme to see how things are going. Trying it will also give you an impression of whether Ghost is a good choice or not. Ghost Pro has a 30-day free trial.

I hope this post gave you an overview of the current Ghost RTL and Arabic support, and I will update this post with new updates.

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